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The Oztrail Replacement Scissor Arm Strut comprises of two straight metal struts joined at the centre via the black plastic Scissor Action Hinge. They are relatively easy to replace on your damaged gazebo simply by removing the old strut (by undoing a few screws) and replacing it.


1450mm Long

Designed to suit Oztrail 3m x 3m Deluxe Gazebo, Deluxe Gazebo with Adjustable Awning, Deluxe Mega Gazebo, Deluxe Pavilion, Deluxe King Gazebo & Deluxe Mega Pavilion

Complete with Cross Over Hinge Joiner

Screws not included (sold separately)


Deluxe Gazebo - 3 x 3

Deluxe Gazebo - 6 x 3

Deluxe Gazebo - 4.5 x 3

Deluxe Gazebo with Adjustable Awning

Deluxe Corporate Gazebo

Deluxe Mega Gazebo - 4.5 x 6

Deluxe Pavilion - 6 x 3

Commercial Deluxe 3 x 3

Commercial Deluxe 4.5 x 3

Commercial Deluxe 6 x 3

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty against defects of material or manufacture.


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