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Link: https://youtu.be/0239vsptjyw

The Duralite Compact Directors Chair is ultralight and super compact. Perfect for those who need a chair small on size and big on comfort. Weight isn’t always an indicator of strength, such is the case of the Duralite chair series. The actual strength lies in the frame which is constructed from magnesium alloy which is not only stronger than conventional aluminium alloys but it is up to 33% lighter as well. So, if you’re after a chair that is not only comfortable but easy to handle then this may just be the chair series for you.

Cross frame locking mechanism for added stability

3 stage folding system allows back, armrests and legs to pack for minimal storage space

Colour: Black

Frame: 30mm oval Duralite Aluminium Alloy Frame

Fabric: 420 Denier soft touch ripstop fabric

Weight Rating-150kg

Seat Height-46 cm

Dimensions-59 x 44 x 89 cm

Weight-3.8 kg

Pack Size-59 x 54 x 13 cm

Carry Bag-Deluxe zippered carry bag included

Warranty-1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty against defects of material or manufacture.


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