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If you’re looking for a camp table that’ll seat a family, is compact, sturdy, stylish AND height adjustable, then look no further than the OZtrail Ironside 120cm fold in half table.

The OZtrail Ironside 120cm fold in half table is a rugged yet stylish camping table that’s just the right size for family dinners at the campsite, additional table or prep space, or even a casual table for sides at a braai. It won’t take up too much space in your car, trailer or caravan either thanks to its neat folding design. The table is height adjustable and has three different height settings, so you’ll always find it the perfect fit.


The table top is pleasantly chunky, reassuringly strong and easy to wipe clean for ultimate campsite convenience and peace of mind. The frame is made from robust powder coated corrosion resistant steel for rugged performance and strength. The table edge is also reinforced with steel for increased strength and stability whilst allowing the table to be surprisingly lightweight. This is not the sort of camping table that groans under a heavy crate – with a maximum load capacity of 200kg it’ll handle everything you can and more.

  • Corrosion resistant steel frame for exceptional durability
  • Thick top easily wipes clean
  • Adjustable height – 3 height settings
  • Carry handle for convenience
  • Dimensions:61cm x 122cm x 45/62/71 cm
  • Weight: 5.3 kg
  • Pack Size:61 x 62 x 7 cm
  • Capacity Rating: 200 kg
  • Warranty 12-month manufacturer's warranty
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