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Care for the cleanliness of the garden pool is inseparable from the fact of having it. To facilitate this task, it is worth spending money on a practical cleaning kit. This basic cleaning set is essential if you want to keep the pool tank clean. It consists of an adjustable, telescopic stick (handle), to which you can attach one of two tips: a net for catching dirt or the tip of a vacuum cleaner, which through vacuum (when connected to a garden hose) creates a vortex that causes dirt to collect from the bottom of the tank they end up in a small mesh.


  • easy to assemble and operate
  • the possibility of connecting a garden hose
  • complete set
  • Stick length - 203cm (6.66 FEET)
  • Stick adjustment - yes
  • Fishing net - yes
  • Recommended for pools 366 cm in diameter and smaller (12FT and smaller)
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