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The Unicorn Dream Chaser Airbed is the perfect alternative sleeping solution for little ones who love anything fantastical. This fun airbed has a comfortable, flocked sleeping surface and a recessed-centre design to help prevent roll-off. The unicorn's brightly coloured tail also acts as a backrest for those evenings in with friends, playing games and watching movies. Unique, colourful, and comfortable to use, kids will love sleeping on this magical airbed. Comfortable flocked sleeping surface

Includes a repair patch

Suitable for ages 3+



Design: Unicorn

Size: 1.96 m x 1.04 m x 84 cm

Height: 1.39m Sleep Surface

Width: 62cm Sleep Surface

Depth: 20cm Sleep Surface

Weight: 3.06kg

Material: PVC

Suitable for Ages: 3+

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