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The Bestway Teddy Bear Dream Chaser Air Mattress provides a fun and comfortable place to sleep wherever you are. With a removable mattress and adorable teddy bear design, this air bed is perfect for camping or sleep overs - Includes: 1 x air bed, 1 x heavy duty repair patch - Measures: 74" x 43" x 35" (1.88m x 1.09m x 89cm) - Airbed has removable mattress –

Ensure your kids have cosy night's sleep with the Bestway Teddy bear Comfort Airbed.

This airbed has a cool teddy bear shape for your little one's enjoyment and thanks to the flocked sleeping surface and inflatable backrest, you can be sure they will get a comfortable rest.

  • Sturdy I beam construction
  • Comfortable flocked sleeping surface
  • 4 x 4 off roader bed shape
  • Sturdy pre-tested vinyl
  • Safety valves
  • Interlocking quick release valve
  • Sturdy beam construction
  • Suitable for 6 years & above
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