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Let your little ones play and relax on the Bestway Lil' Traveller Airbed.

Perfect for camping, sleep overs and travelling, the bed is designed with a sturdy 1 beam construction. It is made from sturdy pre-tested vinyl with a comfortable flocked sleeping surface.

The armrest design provides a secure resting area and helps prevent children rolling out of bed.

Includes a heavy-duty repair patch & a connected carry bag for easy storage

Bestway Lil' Traveller Airbed 1.45m x 76cm x 18cm

- 57in. x 30in. x 7in. / 1.45m x 76cm x 18cm

- Sturdy pre-tested vinyl

- Interlocking quick release valve

- Comfortable flocked sleeping surface

- Sturdy I-beam construction

- Armrest design provides a secure resting area

- Connected carry bag for easy packing

- Heavy-duty repair patch

- Full colour box

- 3 colours assorted

- Contents: One airbed, repair patch

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