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Wake up with the Tritech™ airbed from Bestway® fresh and rested! The 46 cm high queen size bed is stable, long durable and incredibly comfortable all night long. With the compact dimensions and the pump, the bed is quickly set up wherever you need it.

Stable construction

With the pleasant lying surface and the stable construction, a relaxing night awaits you. Inside, the bed is made of durable TriTech™ that provides stability but also ensures that the mattress retains shape, no matter how often it is inflated and vented. In the design, special emphasis was placed on maintaining hardness and minimizing air loss at night. The special TriTech increases the stability inside the mattress and provides body-appropriate support throughout the night. The robust material, tested for resilience, absorbs the weight and movements of a relaxed and restful sleep.

Simple set-up

The airbed is pumped up within four to five minutes and ready if you are. It is inflated with the integrated pump and vented quickly and easily with the screw valve after use. Then store the now flat bed in the supplied carrying bag and can easily transport and store it.

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