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The frame pool from the manufacturer Bestway is a great quality product. The main feature of this pool is a simple and fast installation, which will not take you much time and effort. The time of filling the water in the pool is no more than 20 minutes. The walls of the pool are made of three strong layers - two layers of dense vinyl and one of the polyesters. The frame securely holds the entire structure of the pool even at maximum loads. valve that connects to the garden hose. When you buy the Bestway 56985 frame pool, you will give yourself and your children a lot of positive emotions and fun. Courier R250 throughout SA


  • Bright colours
  • Three sturdy layers of wall
  • Reliable frame
  • Drain valve
  • Equipment: Pool Patch, Instructions
  • size and weight: Length: 3.05m-Width: 3.05 m-Depth: 66 cm
  • Packing weight: 15.3kg
  • Capacity and volume: Volume: 4,678 cubic meters
  • Filter: No, Skimmer: No, Pool litter: No, Ready to pour water: 20 mins
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