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  • Size: 4.04m x 2.01m x 1.00m
  • Water Capacity: 6,478 Litres
  • The sand filter pump with a high-volume flow rate of 2,006 L/h
  • Heavy Duty PVC & Polyester 3-Ply Sidewalls
  • Rust Resistant Metal Frames
  • Semi-Permanent Structure
  • Flow-clear Filter Pump (pumps 2,006 L/h) - 110-120V 60Hz, 0.2A
  • Can be erected within 30 minutes with 2-3 people helping out

It’s that time of the year again, and pool parties are the best reason to anticipate the summer season. The new Bestway Power Steel™ Rectangular Frame above ground swimming pool is the perfect companion for the summer. It’s built with triple strength side walls designed with 3-ply polyester material to provide additional wall support and with heavy-duty PVC for the best construction