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Geyser - DELTA 16L Zero Start (Type B)

This unit is approved for outdoor and indoor installation.

Ignition is through 2 x type D torch batteries

It needs a flue to operate and it is included in the price

Open hot water tap - the water pressure pushes the light weight magnetic floater up and activates the geyser by signalling to the electronic box that there is spark and that the gas solenoid valve must open the gas to the main burners.

This type of geysers operates on low water pressure and is also less sensitive to mixer taps.

To determine the size required is different to the diaphragm units. Simply do the following to assist you with choosing the correct size. This exercise is only if the water pressure is low.

Measure the water flow per minute at 2-3 different taps in and around the house. Measure one tap then also open multiple taps to see if the water flow rate per minute stays the same.

Once you have determined the water flow per minute you choose the size geyser accordingly to that.

Example: if you get around 10l per minute then you install a 9l zero start unit. Do not install an oversized geyser as it will over heat and shut down.

This geyser will work from 0.065 up to 8 bar water pressure

Once installed and you are ready to set the temperature, start by doing the following

Set the gas knob to minimum gas

Set the water inlet valve to maximum water flow.

Set the correct water temp by slowly increasing the gas.

This makes the zero-start unit the most efficient on the market!!

It also has an LCD display to show the temperature of the water running through the heat exchanger.

This geyser will work with mixer on shower

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