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Geyser - DELTA 12L CONSTANT Temp. (Type B)

The Constant Temperature Gas Geyser is available in 12L & 16L. (Flue Sold Separately). It is a Type B unit and can be installed inside (needs to be flued to the outside) or installed outside under a protective cover. If fitted inside, ensure correct installation measures for cross ventilation as per Sans1539. 2012 (in revision) and Sans 10087-1. Gas water heaters offer innovative and energy saving features that require no electrical connection. The user controls & adjusts water flow and temperature. Can also be installed outside under protective cover.

The Constant Temperature geyser has a proportional valve that can regulate the gas/water ratio, adjusting the gas flow to the burner. This allows the geyser to operate with almost zero water pressure(0.02bar) and a very low water flow of 5L/minute. Constant Temperature Gas Geyser has a temperature adjusting panel on the front cover for easy temperature adjustment, the geyser will display the current running temperature.

12L of hot water per minute

silver cover

requires 2 x D cell (torch) batteries.

requires 110mm chimney (sold separately)

15mm water connections required

Weight 10.5 kg

Dimensions:71 × 41 × 25 cm

Geyser - DELTA 16L CONSTANT Temp. (Type B)

This unit can be installed inside (needs to be flued to the outside) or can also be installed outside under protective cover.  This unit is fitted with a flue sensor mounted on the flue diverter.  The function of this sensor is to shut the unit down within 4 minutes by law if the flue is blocked or the flue is not fitted.

Ensure to flush the water pipes before connecting it to the geyser.  We recommend the gas installer to connect the water pipes

Only available in 12L & 16L

Outdoor Installation

Suitable for 2 bathrooms + kitchen

Temperature Adjusting Panel on front cover for easy setting of water temp

Battery Ignited

Powered by LP Gas

1-year warranty

Geyser must be installed by a qualified gas installer for the warranty to be valid

Prices do not include installation or the flue pipe

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