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PALOMA - Gas Water Geyser 26lt-


Capacity: 2.5-26l/ min

Gas Combustion (min-max) LPG: 0.33-3.9kg/ hrNG: 19-199 Mj/hr

Electrical Consumption (w): 64 @ 230v

Ignition & Combustion System: Continuous electronic spark with low NOx emission burner

Min Water Pressure: 80 kPa

Max Water Pressure: 1000kPa

Gas & Water Connections: ¾” or 20mm


565mm x 350mm x 195mm

Weight: 20.8 kg


Max water flow: 26 litres per minute

Min water flow: 2.5 litres per minute

Max water pressure: 1000kpa

Min water pressure: 80kpa

Gas consumption NG 19-199 MJ/hour

Gas consumption LPG 0.33-3.9 kg/hour

Temp range with a controller: 37 - 60°c

Gas, water in, water out Inlet: 20mm | 3/4 inch

6-star energy rating

Electrical consumption 64w


On-demand hot water

adjustable water temperature 37 - 60°c

Flame failure device

Anti-frost heating system

The Paloma water heater range comes with optional programmable digital remote controls.

These allow you to precisely control the water temperature in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry, giving you the luxury of enjoying the perfect temperature every time. Note that pre-set temperatures are available without controllers.

Choose the sophisticated voice activated Deluxe Controller with its bath-fill function for additional safety and peace of mind.

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