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Deluxe: Price includes Ember maker, Ashpan with tray, Zinc plated grid, Door slide locks,

Enclosed light fitting, 304 SS Doors.


Deluxe TP10067-304 SS (Box & internals only)1200mm - 2.0 BODY, 1.5mm DOORS, BRUSHED

Deluxe TP9688-430 SS (Box & internals only)1200mm - FRAME, 2.0mm BODY 430 SS

TP16340-304SS- FLUE PIPE -1200X400X300, 0.7mm -

TP17033-430 SS FLUE PIPE 2500X400X300, 0.7mm , MIRROR PVC -

TP15102-MS, BLACK- FLUE PIPE 2450X400X300, 0.7mm 

Flue and Cowl TP9688O-FLUE&COWL-MS -Flue pipe -2500X400X300, 0.7mm MS, NS 7 black

Flue and Cowl TP9668O-FLUE&COWL-430 SS- Flue pipe 2500X400X300, 0.7mm -

Flue and Cowl TP9668O-FLUE&COWL-304 SS-Flue pipe 2500X400X300, 0.7mm 304 SS.


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