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12 Lt/min: Bathroom with Shower

  • Includes 2x Standard Sensors + 2x sets of Cylinder Foot Spacers
  • Geyser can be programmed for water temperature wanted
  • Has flow sensors which automatically ensure that gas burners increase/ decrease the flame size according to the volume of water being asked for.
  • Copper Heat Exchanger: better temperature reach & more durable.
  • Uses LP Gas
  • 12kw output
  • Battery-ignited
  • Will manage 2x hot taps (1x shower + 1x kitchen sink) at the same time on 3bar water pressure (depending on distances involved)
  • Geyser must be drained if there will freezing of water overnight.
  • Geyser must be fitted with a 110mm Flue Pipe & Cowl (Chinese Hat)
  • If geyser is positioned where it will be rained on, it will need a weather cover
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