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The Delta Constant Temperature Gas Geyser 16L. (Flue Sold Separately). It is a Type B unit and can be installed inside (needs to be flued to the outside) or installed outside under a protective cover. If fitted inside, ensure correct installation measures for cross ventilation as per Sans1539. 2012 (in revision) and Sans 10087-1. Gas water heaters offer innovative and energy saving features that require no electrical connection. The user controls & adjusts water flow and temperature. Can also be installed outside under protective cover.

How it works:

The Constant Temperature geyser has a proportional valve that can regulate the gas/water ratio, adjusting the gas flow to the burner. This allows the geyser to operate with almost zero water pressure(0.02bar) and a very low water flow of 5L/minute. Constant Temperature Gas Geyser has a temperature adjusting panel on the front cover for easy temperature adjustment, the geyser will display the current running temperature.


Delta 16L Constant Temp Geyser (130mm Flue sold separately)

  • Outdoor Installation
  • Suitable for 2 bathrooms + kitchen
  • Temperature Adjusting Panel on front cover for easy setting of water temp
  • Battery Ignited
  • Powered by LP Gas
  • 1-year warranty


Rated Pressure


Suitable water pressure

0.12-0.8 bar

Gas Consumption


Power Supply

2 x Type D Batteries

Flue Size

130mm (not included in price)

Dimensions                               71 × 41 × 25 cm

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