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The Snomaster SMDZ-EX85D is an 85-litre high performance double door camping fridge freezer designed to cope with higher ambient temperatures experienced on long expeditions. Also great for the patio.

The two separate compartments have independent temperature controls so you are in charge of each section’s temperature setting. Each compartment has its own independently opening door, improving efficiency as you only let warm air into the compartment you need to access. Compartment temperatures are interchangeable with a temperature range of between -22°C and 10°C that can be set via the digital thermostat.

The stainless-steel construction is rugged and durable and the included transit bag will help guard against knocks and abrasions whilst travelling. For ease of monitoring, especially when on long journeys, there is a solar powered wireless temperature controller. For true ease of camping operation, the Snomaster SMDZ-EX85D includes a handy bottle opener too!

Dimensions: 825/845mm W x 470/510mm D x 625mm H

Capacity: 85 Litres, 37L / 48L split, Weight: 35kg, 220/12-volt fridge or

freezer double door, Stainless Steel, 70mm polyurethane insulation

Temp variance: -22?C to 10?C, Digital thermostat

Interchangeable compartment settings, 66watt Snomaster compressor

Internal power supply, Polyurethane insulation, Transit bag included

5 amps on high speed, 2.5 amps on low speed. Also has auto setting

Voltage Cut out can be set between 10 & 11.5 Volts

NEW wireless Temp Controller, Bottle opener

3 Year Unit Warranty, 7 Year Compressor Warranty

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