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The OZtrail Ultramesh Outdoor Shield is a versatile addition to your camping kit – great for groundsheet protection for your tents and other camp setup or can be used as a shade tarp for extra protection from the sun. This groundsheet tarp from OZtrail is made from heavyweight UV stable mesh cloth which won’t cause as much damage to grass as traditional woven tarpaulin groundsheets. Complete with reinforced edging and brass eyelets with a maximum 0.9 m spacing for the ultimate in strength and durability.

Includes a mesh carry bag for easy storage and transportation

UM-0808-            8X8 ULTRAMESH OUTDOOR SHIELD        244x244cm          R269,00

UM-0816-            8X16 ULTRAMESH OUTDOOR SHIELD     244x488cm          R459,00

UM-0820             8X20 ULTRAMESH OUTDOOR SHIELD     244x610cm          R579,00

UM-1010             10X10 ULTRAMESH OUTDOOR SHIELD   305x305cm          R399,00

UM-1016             10X16 ULTRAMESH OUTDOOR SHIELD   305x488cm          R579,00

UM-1020             10X20 ULTRAMESH OUTDOOR SHIELD   305x610cm          R699,00

UM-1220             12X20 ULTRAMESH OUTDOOR SHIELD   366x610cm          R789,00

included. Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty against defects of material or manufacture. 

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