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SDS (Special Direct System) Drills are extremely powerful and used when extra power is required, for heavy duty jobs. They have three basic functions that allow normal drilling, hammer action and chiselling. Furthermore, SDS Drills can hold large diameter drill bits well passed the 13mm diameter limit of normal drills.

Specification of the hammer:

Max hole opening:26mm;

800W SDS Hammer Drill with 3 Pin Plug

Rated input power: 800W;

No-load speed: 0-1100rpm;

Product Feature

  • Refined body, tenuous handle.
  • Plastic Handy Lockable Carry Case
  • Drill Bits
  • SDS Chuck
  • 2 x Spare Bushes
  • Perfect design, suitable for every kind people.
  • Two-finger-Speed Control in Trigger
  • Functions: drill-hammer
  • Expert quality + Constant variable speed control
  • Reverse Function
  • Professional design
  • Removable Front Handle with Depth Gauge
  •  Supplied as a sealed unit with a 6-month warranty



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