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Econoline: Price includes Embermaker, Ash pan, Light fitting and Zinc plated grid on all models.

• Mild steel body: 2mm

• 2 x Mild steel Doors (Top & Bottom)

• Ember maker

• Light fitting

• Ash pan

• Zinc-plated grid: 735 x 460mm

• Top flue Exit 300mm x 300mm

• Excludes flue and Louvre Cowl

COMPLETE: TP15553-COM (BOX & FLUE)1000 BLACK, 2.0mm MS, FLUE 300X300 COWL R6 729,00

TP15553-MS (Box only) 1000mm MS BLACK (NS7) 2.0mm MS FRAME R5 259,00

TP16341A FLUE PIPE 2400X300X300, 0.7mm MS BLACK 849,00

TP16341B FLUE PIPE EXTENSION 1200X300X300, 0.7mm MS BLACK R479,00

TP14021D-MS LOUVRE COWL 300X300, 0.7mm MS BLACK R619,00




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