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ELIO 600 BAKER-Make Fastly Perfect Pizza, Bread, Pastry, Cakes…

Our best and most sold oven. Full of accessories, with special and unique functions and temperatures. Useful to cook all kind of oven foods from all over the world.

It reaches over 300°C (similar to real flames) for fast cooking of crunchy pizza, bread, and it speeds up the leavening of all dough’s thanks the special 40°C, useful also to make yogurt or to dry out veg & fruits. Cook at the same time different kind of food at different levels, without melting flavours and smells with the special cooking function 3D.

Electric Multifunction Oven with Special Baking Functions


Energy Class-A

Dark grey glass design

Premium grade solid stainless-steel door handle

Electric multifunction (9 Functions)

Special Pizza Function with 300°C

Special Leavening and Yogurt making function 40°C

Special 3D function for multi-level cooking

Electronic programmer with start/end cooking

Cooling Fan

Easily removable door

Slide out removable inner glass

Triple Glass to keep the door cool

Easy to clean enamel coating

Oven Accessories

tray, shelf, Pizza Stone tile, aluminium baking tray, telescopic guides, fat filter.

H 595 x W 595 x D 540 mm

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