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TP5743E-900-BRAAI + EMBERMAKER, 1,5mm 430 SS

TP11338L -INNER BASE REPLACEMENT 900 - 2,0mm 430 SS

TP6171-900 Mobile Braai, 1,5mm 304 SS, GRID 304 SS (735X460)

TP6171D-900 Mobile-BRAAI + EMBERMAKER, 1,5mm and GRID 304 SS


· Suitable for wood or for Charcoal braais

· The braai has 3 adjustable grid heights.

· Value for Money

The first thing that strikes you about the mobile 900 is the simplicity of the design. It is very much a case of having everything you need, but nothing more. Personally, I like the no-nonsense approach, and would much prefer to have an uncomplicated design in

most things, as this often translates into ease of use and more often than not, reliability! The undeniable fact that really stands out is the quality of the construction. A lot of time and effort has gone into making sure that all the welds look really good, the rivets line up properly, every sharp corner has been filed round and every bend, crease and joint has been ‘done right’. It’s the kind of thing engineers would really

enjoy seeing, simply beautiful metal work. The frame is very solid and moves

very little when wiggled around.



- Included is a zinc-plated grid 

- Side table for placing your casserole or spices

- Grid size: 735 x 460mm

What's in the box:

- Stainless-steel mobile braai

- Stainless steel coal maker only on TP5743E 

- Zink plated grid


1470mm X 500mm X300mm

30 kg

courier R100 - in CAPE TOWN 

courier rest of SA R350,00

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