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The OZtrail Handy Table has a multi angle adjustable hinge for securing the table to vertical, diagonal or horizontal frame bars and the clamp can attach the table to round or square frame pieces from 17.5mm to 32mm. That means you can find somewhere to attach the handy table on pretty much every campsite.
The table has a moulded cup holder with room for a mug handle, a wine glass holder and a media slot for tablets or phones – so you’re pretty much sorted for a lazy day anywhere with this table nearby. The OZtrail Handy Table is made from moulded PE, so keeping it clean will be easy too. Very handy!
A multi-function table that attaches to camp furniture, tent poles and gazebos.
Multi-angle adjustable hinge for securing the table to horizontal, vertical and diagonal frames
Multi-sized clamp attaches to round or square frames with diameters from 17.5 to 32mm
Built in media slot for supporting tablets and mobile phones
Easy clean moulded PE materials
Includes: 1x Table
Material: Moulded PE
Weight: 1,3kg
Weight Rating: 30kg
Pack Size: 40 x 40 x 5cm
Size: 28,5 x 28,5cm
Warranty: 1 Year