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TP18526 13 KW  6/4.5mm 3CR12 SS, BLACK CERAMIC PAINT                

The Alexander 13Kw is a large sized 3CR12 S/Steel plate construction fireplace and has a rated output of a 13KW (subject to 80% efficiency). Contemporary design with flat top and twin air intake control vents and a secondary burn chamber. This unit is fitted to a log stand as standard. Suitable for room size up to 300 cubic meters.


DIAMETER: 150 x 1250mm

(H) x 652 (W) x 460 (Deep),

Weight: 85Kg

MATERIAL: KW  6/4.5mm 3CR12 Stainless-Steel

PAINT: Ceramic Black Heat resistance

TP18526O ROBAX FIRE RESISTANT GLASS-450 X 220 X 4.0mm         

TP18526ST V-CORE PANEL SET (1X BACK + 2X SIDES)                       


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