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Safari Braai; 9.4kG, 485X385X180mm DEEP (packaged). Cooking height 565mm, table open width 850mm.

- Zinc plated sliding handle Grid
- 2-grid levels to braai on
- 2-Fold away side tables
- Ash pan
- Rotisserie motor bracket (Rotisserie Motor and accessories sold separately)

What's in the box
1xTP products Safari Braai
1x Zink plated sliding handle grid
1x Ashpan

Limited (6 months)


TP8064-SAFARI BRAAI:  Zinc Plated (107/14) rooster included, Carton box packaging-   R1 119,00


TP8064+BAG -SAFARI BRAAI:  Zinc Plated (107/14) rooster and canvas bag included-   R1 429,00        


TP8064+SSG -SARARI BRAAI: Stainless Steel Grid (304) grid included- R1 599,00


TP8064+SSB -SAFARI BRAAI: Stainless Steel Grid (304) grid + Canvas bag-      R1 799,00


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