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Condition: New product

The Seaflo fishing kayak is durable and designed to comfortably accommodate you and your fishing gear. Sit-on-top style with a foldable backrest. The foot area design is comfortable for either sitting or standing on the kayak.


This sit on top or stand to cast and reel Fishing kayak was designed for Speed, Manoeuvrability, Tracking and Portability!

Take your fishing gear comfortably on board as the load capacity is up to 125 kg/ 275 lbs total.

Ideal platform for other water activities such as touring, snorkelling, skin and scuba diving.

Fishing kayak weighs in at 26.5 kg / 58.4 lbs, with a tail wheel for easy transport to the water.

Wider width makes it stable and safe enough to stand and cast, or reel in the big catch!

It comes with dual storage hatches, 2 flush rod holders, 2 deck mount mounting brackets and 1 adjustable rod holder. Accessories overload!

Length-305cm x Width-78.6cm x Height-35.4cm


Shipping Dimensions (L X B X H) 320cm x 85cm x 40cm

Shipping Weight -30kg

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