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As Re-sellers alloutdoorandhome only sell top quality Tentco Canvas Ripstop tents-
This tent is great for 4 Family Season Travelling, Camping and Outdoor Activities. Surprisingly cool inside the tent, even when pitched in full sunlight. Camp in the rain without an issue. Picks of Tentco junior Sahara- Customer on camping trip.
Size: 4.5m X 2.9m X 2.5m-Weight: 40kg + Inner tent: 2.4m x 2.65m x 2.25m
Veranda: 2.1m x 2.9m x 2.5m + Howard Safari Rip stop canvas 320gsm Weatherproof UV, rot & mildew resistant - Heavy duty high frequency welded PVC ground sheet 550gsm- Yellow passivated electroplated steel frame 25mm Steel corners-YKK lifetime zips-Electric cable trap- Tent complete with frame, pegs & guy ropes
INCLUDES: Side and front walls for veranda
Pack Size: Tent comes in PVC zip up bag- Frame in canvas pole bag- Tent: 80cm x 55cm x 25cm
25 kg- Frame: 121cm x 28cm x 31cm-18kg

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