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Advantages: Replace costly Electric Geyser with an Atlas Instantaneous LPG Water heater capable of supplying your entire home whilst saving 75% of your Energy cost, as water is only heated when required with fuel source reducing your carbon footprint. Neat, tidy & silent continuous water delivery Suitable Uses: Normal Domestic House’s, Hotel’s, B&B’s, Flats, Townhouses, Game Parks Lodges & Commercial hot water requirement’s

  • The Atlas 20 litre fan forced gas geyser is suitable for in- and outdoor installations.
  • It comes standard with a constant temperature control digital display.
  • It has a digital key-pad temperature setting on remote automatic self-diagnostic codes.
  • The microprocessor controlled variable burners.
  • It is a compact sized unit and is weatherproof exteriorly with auto-defrosting.
  • It operates on 0.1 bar low starting water pressure.
  • It has an electronic pulse ignition that ensures fast and stable ignition.
  • It requires an electrical point.
  • Operates with LP Gas.
  • Gas consumption-2,85
  • Output (Kw) 40
  • It is energy efficient with no holding tank. LPGSA, SANS and SABS Certified unit.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Dimensions: 570 x 365 x 145 mm
  • Geyser must be installed by a qualified gas installer or the warranty will not be valid
  • Prices do not include installation.


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