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 This High-Quality Aluminium wall mounted-fold down washing line is made from anodised aluminium and black UV treated plastic by an ISO9001 accredited manufacturer. Strong & Durable "Double Arm" Aluminium Folding Brackets. (No Hanging Support Strut's). It does not rust and requires no maintenance.

It can be couriered anywhere in SA and assembly and installation is easy. It has a five-year manufacturer guarantee. The product is very light as a result, but this does not retract from its strength, as the 2.5 m unit has been developed to carry wet king size duvets with its Unique Dual line tensioning system. Therefore, more than 100kg in washing.

It folds completely flat and slots into place with an arm mechanism, therefore fewer moving parts. (WILL NOT RUST) For both indoor & outdoor use, Space saving solution for courtyards, pool areas, laundry areas, garages & carports.

Folds completely flat against the wall when not in use, wall mounted.

The sizes are the following: (7 lines)

COURIER: R350 throughout the country

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