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Watch straps

A perfected formula of comfort, function and freedom of expression. The BEU Switch strap takes seconds to put in place, inviting you to change your style as often as you change your mood, outfit or activity. A perfect complement to the BEU watch cases, a wardrobe of Switch straps gives a single watch multiple identity. Dress up or dress down. Be bold or be monochrome. Go sleek or sporty. A classic design in practical waterproof, high grade silicone. It pleases the eye, while positioning itself perfectly on your wrist for lasting ergonomic comfort.

Sleek Switchstrap

An effortless classic that will truly go anywhere. From work to play, to your next spontaneous adventure. The Sleek Switch strap carries a refined and modern look and inborn characteristics, like high grade silicone, waterproofness and flexibility, that make it ready for anything.

Sports Switchstrap

For when your activities call for extra edge. The Sports Switch strap thrives in scenarios that require grit or exertion. Equipped with a bold and determined appearance and all the necessary features. Waterproof, high grade silicone, flexible and aerated for maximum breathability.

A wardrobe of possibilities

No person is one-dimensional, and neither is your BEU watch case. Bring different moods and characteristics to life with a whole palette of Switch strap colours to choose from. Go neutral at work with a Sleek Switch strap in intelligent Granite Grey then switch it up with a refreshing pop of Aqua Green for the weekend. And why not keep a Sports Switch strap handy in your gym bag for extra edge and breathability during your workout session? Mix, match, experiment—and have fun.

Snaps easily into place

The BEU quick Snap-On system is our answer to the burden we’ve experienced with other changeable watch straps. A few seconds is all it takes to transform your look. Simply hold the watch case in one hand, and slip the flexible switch strap in or out from between the lugs with the other. Done

18 and 20 millimetres

BEU Switch straps come in two different sizes to ensure the best possible fit for your wrist and BEU watch case. The 18 mm size is most compatible with the 36 mm BEU watch case.  While the 20 mm size is most suited for the 40 mm BEU watch case.

1902BEU- Switch strap in Granite Grey high-grade Silicone with Lava Black Buckle. Size 18mm

1503BEU- Switch strap in White Sands high grade Silicone with a brushed steel buckle.  Size 18mm

1401BEU- Switch strap in Lava Black high-grade Silicone with a Gold Buckle. Size 18mm

1605BEU- Switch strap in Purple Grape high-grade Silicone with a Bronze Buckle. Size 18mm

1606BEU- Sports Switch strap in Lava Black high-grade Silicone with a Bronze Buckle. Size 18mm

1507BEU- Sports Switch strap in Purple Grape high-grade Silicone with a Brushed Steel Buckle.  Size 18mm

1504BEU- Switch strap in Aqua Green high-grade Silicone with a Brushed Steel Buckle. Size 18mm

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