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This Solar sensor light only have 10 LEDs, less than who have 12,24 LEDs. But the 10 powerful LED lights are far more brighter to light up you nightlife.
Others are human sensor light, based on it, this one add microwave sensor which increase the sensing range more than 150 degree sensing angle.
The solar battery is 1500mAh higher than others, the max sensor distance is 7 meters wider than others.

Simply Installation
This solar motion sensor light can be installed on the wall or tree with screws, no cables necessary.

Li-ion battery: 3.2V 1500mAh
Material: ABS+PC
Number of LED lights: 10
Dimension: 100*138*69mm
Delay time: 30 seconds

Purchase direct on our specials page -follow link below:
courier R250 throughout the country

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