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  • Durable and corrosion-proof plastic material
  • Includes 279cm adjustable aluminium pole for large diameter pools
  • Removable and reusable debris and leaf bag
  • Extra-long vacuum hose 6m long,3.2cm diameter
  • Multi-functional- Pool surface skimmer; working with filter pump cleans floating leaves -Pool vacuum: working with filter pump cleans pool wall and floor- Pool skimmer-manually clean floating debris
  • Attach to the filter pump with 3,028L/h(800gal/h) flow rate and above  


  • Includes: 1x Aluminium pole, 1x Mesh netting, 1x Skimmer head, 1x 7,5m Hose, 1x Surface skimmer
  • Minimum flow rate of pump adaptor: 2,006 L/h
  • Size: 3,2 x 600cm

 Pool Vacuum-not compatible to Hydrium pools


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