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Sports Trolley Travel Bag New- ideal for those getaways, school trips, it packs all your gear.

– Large Main Zipped Compartment
– Small Front Zipped Pocket
– Side Zipped Compartment with Balancing Stands and Carry Handle
– Additional Side Zipped Compartment with Extra Small Zipped Pouch
– Padded and sturdy carry Handle
– Sturdy Bottom Compartment with Zip and Lining
– Additional Large Zipped Meshed Pocket
– Clasp Fasteners for Top and Bottom Compartments
– Multi Stitched Carry Handles
– With Sort Padded Grip Rollerball Wheels and Trolley System
– Name Card Holder
– Elastic Bungee Cord
– Detailed Metal Sliders

– Dimensions: 77.5cm x 36cm x 42 cm
– Warranty: 12 months

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