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Eco Barcelona 5 Piece Luggage Set the ideal luggage set for Family travel or you just want to travel comfortably in style.


– Roller cases has 360 spinner wheels
– The roller cases contains Aluminium retractable handles
– Elastic belt that keeps your clothes tidy in the roller case
– Rolling duffel bag has 2 x smooth wheels
– Telescopic trolley system with a large front pocket also padded
– A sturdy carry handle on the duffel bag
– Board tote with an Adjustable shoulder sling with main zippered compartment and carry handles
– Velcro carry handle that allows you to slip your carry-on bag onto your rolling luggage piece
– Toiletry bag has a Main zippered compartment with carry handle
Specifications of large roller case:
– Colour: Purple
– Dimensions: 70cm x 41.91cm x 21.51cm
– Weight: 4.0kg
Specifications of medium roller case
– Dimensions: 53cm x 33.02cm x 19.05cm
– Weight: 2.7kg
Specifications of duffel bag:
– Dimensions: 67.5cm x 31cm x 29cm
– Weight: 1.7kg
Specifications of tote:
– Dimensions: 40cm x 30cm x 13.5cm
– Weight: 0.5kg
Specifications of toiletry bag:
– Dimensions: 12.7cm x 22.8cm x 10.1cm
– Weight: 0.1kg
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