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Lightweight, compact and energy-efficient, this portable fridge freezer can easily fit into the boot or on the back seat of most vehicles. This makes it an excellent travel companion and the ideal portable cooler for days at the beach, braai or on a game drive.

Made for every day

Ideal for daily in-vehicle use for short trips to work or to the shops as well as for long-distance travel. A great portable cooler for outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, braais or even shopping. This handy and compact portable fridge freezer is everything you need in an everyday travel cooler.

Made Tough for Africa

Because everyday use needs everyday durability, SnoMaster’ Leisure Series of products is made from injection-moulded high-density polyethylene which helps to reduce weight while increasing strength and durability.

Powerful Cooling Anywhere

Powered by SnoMaster’ high-performance cooling system, the Leisure Series of compact fridge freezers offers the convenience of both 12- or 24-Volt DC power and 100 to 240 Volt AC. Able to efficiently cool in extreme temperatures and tough conditions and provide an extra boost with handy USB ports for charging mobile devices.


2-Speed- Max & Eco settings, 55W Secob compressor, Blue Internal Fridge Light, Cyclopentane insulation

Digital Temperature Control, Durable & Improved Handles, Durable Plastic, Internal power supply for AC & DC

Extended Warranty available direct from Snomaster

Light Weight, Low Voltage Cut Out Setting (10, 11.8V), Included: Internal Basket, 7 Year Compressor Warranty,

3 Year Unit Warranty.

Specifications: Dimensions (mm)

Unit: (H) 520 x (W) 350 x (D) 660, Packaged: (H) 585 x (W) 375 x (D) 615, Storage Volume: 50 litres

Temp Range: -18?C to 10?C, Net Weight: 21Kg, Climate Class: T, ST, SN, N, Protection Class: I

Voltage AC: 100-240V 50/60Hz, Voltage DC: 12V/24V, Rated Current AC/DC: 1.0A

Refrigerant: R134a/45g, Foaming Agent: Cyclopentane

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