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Folded Dimensions: (H) 80 (W) 395 (L) 368

Unfolded Dimensions: (H) – (W) 395 (L) 2140

Boxed Dimensions: (H) TBC (W) TBC (L) TBC

Net Weight: 5.3kg (Incl. Accessories)

Part No.: COMPBI023

Cell Type: Monocrystalline

Cell Efficiency: 19.5%

Maximum Power (Pm): 125W*

Current at Max. Power (Imp) 6.82A

Voltage at Max. Power (Vmp) 17.6V

Output Connection 30A Anderson Style

Cell encapsulation PET Lamination

Bag Material Polyester 900D


Micro Control Unit: Pulse Width Modulation (PMW)

Rated Solar Panel Amps: 12A

Readout: LED

Number of Battery Types: 4 (GEL, AGM, Lead-Acid (WET) and Calcium)

Input and Output Connectors: 30A Anderson Style

Dimensions: (H) 25 (W) 65 (L) 105

Weatherproof: Yes

Weight: 100g

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