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  • High-Grade Bicycle Rack Set
  • Limited (6 months)-warranty
  • Single carrier bicycle rack. Easy fitment onto your vehicles roof. Includes all mounting requisites, lock and key. High quality aluminium cycle wheel track and steel clamp bar.
  • Cycle clamp arm has a switch release and crank knob to adjust grip. Cycle clamp can be removed and rotated for either driver or passenger side mounting


  •  3 x Clamps
  •  3 x Brackets for roof bars without tracks
  •  3 x T-Track bolts for using on roof bars with tracks
  •  2 x Clamp locks
  •  1 x Cycle clamp lock
  •  2 x Keys that work on all locks
  •  1 x Adjustable wheel holder on aluminium wheel track 
  • What's in the box
  • 1 Bicycle Rack Set



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