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Bestway 1.88m x 1.52m x 64cm Double 5-In-1 Multifunctional Couch with Sidewinder- AC Air Pump 75056

This soft, flocked Double 5?in?1 Multifunctional Couch by Bestway® is a versatile addition to any room. It converts easily into a double bed, a double layered bed, a recliner, a lounge or a raised bed in minutes using the included AC air pump. This size works for up to two people, with plenty of arm and back support. It's great for hosting guests or when you need additional seating. The Double 5?in?1 Multifunctional Couch is perfect for apartments, dorm rooms or temporary guest rooms. Not only does it look great, but its coil beam construction and flocked surface provide a very cosy, comfortable seat. Get ready to lounge it up and unwind in the Bestway® Double 5?in?1 Multifunctional Couch. Product Weight (Kg)4.80

Colour: Compressed Packing

Weight: 11.2Kg

inflation time: 270 sec

courier R150 throughout the country 

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