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At Alloutdoorandhome, as A reseller for Bushtec, we have tents to suit everyone. Maybe you want a simple family tent that can provide plenty of space for the kids, or you might need a compact hi-tech tent packed with technical features for ultimate performance or perhaps you just want to stand out from the crowd in a super stylish tent during those concerts this summer. 


·         Tents suspended on a spring steel frame

·         Canvas top cover – with extended veranda

·         3 Large windows with mosquito gauze

·         Heavy duty zip

·         Built in groundsheet

·         550 Water Column

·         Stakes and carry bag included

·         Roof vents

·         Electrical inlet

Lightweight 2.1 x 2.1m bow tent has 2 windows only

·         Capacity-2 persons

·         Open size-201 x 195 x 184 cm

·         Packed Weight-15.1 kg

·         Packed Dimensions: 80 x 44 x 10 cm

·         Fabric-320 gsm Ripstop canvas

·         Floor-550 gsm PVC



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