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With the Snomaster SMDZ-CL72D you can equip your campsite or your vehicle with a 72L dual compartment camping fridge freezer that will keep you provisioned.

The Snomaster SMDZ-CL72D is a dual compartment, double door fridge freezer from the Classic Series. Featuring two separate compartments of 32L and 40L capacity with temperatures that can be independently controlled. You can have a fridge and a freezer with you if you want, so that your fresh produce and drinks stay cool and you can have ice on hand and freeze your meat for longer trips.

Temperatures are set easily with the digital thermostat to a range between -22°C and 10°C. Monitoring the temperature of your fridge is made easy whether you’re on the road or at camp thanks to the solar powered wireless temperature monitor. Each compartment has it’s own door, so you only open the side that you want to access to increase efficiency and a door alarm will help stop you leaving it open accidentally.

The stainless steel construction is rugged and durable and complimented by the included transit bag to help prevent knocks and abrasions. Internally, there are LED lights to help you find what you are looking for and three organiser baskets included too.

This unit can be powered via both 220v AC mains power and 12v DC supply. To prevent deep discharge and damage to your leisure battery, this fridge freezer features a low voltage cut out that can be set between 10 and 11.5 volts.

They’ve really thought of everything with the Snomaster SMDZ-CL72D 72L dual compartment fridge freezer – there’s even a handy bottle opener included too!

  • Features:
    - Dual 220/12volt fridge or freezer
    - 32L/40L split
    - Internal LED
    - Lid opens Alarm
    - Wireless Controller (Solar Powered)
    - S/steel finish cabinet, hinges, locks and handles enhances durability
    - S/steel cabinet allow the polyurethane to be injected under high pressure, giving better insulation
    - 3 x internal baskets included
    - Temp variance -22 Degrees Celsius to 10 Degrees Celsius
    - Digital thermostat
    - Larger Compressor allows for better cooling efficiency over a 24hour cycle
    - 66watt Snomaster compressor
    - Internal power supply
    - Polyurethane insulation
    - 5 x Amps on high speed, 2.5 amps on low speed
    - Voltage Cut out can be set between 10 & 11.5 Volts
    - Bottle opener
    - 60mm Insulation suitable for higher ambient conditions
    - Dual compartment temperature settings are interchangeable
    - Wireless monitor allows you to monitor your unit on long trips

    - Item Dimensions: 71.5cm x 45cm x 60cm
    - Packaged Weight: 32000g
    - Colour: Silver
    - Capacity: 72L
    - Warranty: 36 Months

    What's in the box
    3 x Internal baskets included
    1 x Transit Bag Included
    1 x Fridge/Freezer


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