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Are you ready to rid yourself and your installation crew of messy and sticky glue fingers from seaming artificial grass and artificial turf together?  Let Seagull help make your artificial grass and synthetic turf installation get a whole lot easier with our premium self-adhesive seam tape.  Seagull is a leading supplier of artificial grass in South Africa. We pride ourselves in carrying only top-notch products, and our self-adhesive seam tape won’t disappoint.

The self-adhesive seam tape is applied to seam two pieces of Seagull artificial grass during installation.  You and your crew will simply roll the seam tape out underneath the seam of the artificial grass and seam the pieces together with ease.  The seam tape is self-adhesive, which means it adheres easily to the artificial grass seams without having to worry about spilling glue or messy gluey fingers to work with.  It, along with sod staples or nails provides a strong and long-lasting seam to secure artificial grass together.

This seam tape will help to cut down on your seaming process time.  There will be no more wasted dry times to worry about any longer with Seagull self-adhesive seam tape!  The self-adhesive seam tape is multipurpose, and it can be used from lawns, putting greens, pool surrounds, decks, dog runs, playgrounds, and on concrete patios.



  • This seam tape is ideal for joining artificial grass or outdoor carpets together
  • Self-adhesive, strong adhesion and convenient to use
  • Durable, non-woven fabric


  • Seagull Grass Seam Tape
  • Size: 15cm (width) x 15metres (length)
  • Thickness: 0.65mm - 0.7mm
  • Materials: Non-woven fabrics
  • Adhesive Side: Single Sided. 


Directions for use:

Place desired length of seam tape beneath two sections of artificial grass; peel off PE film paper then stick the back of the artificial grass to the top of the exposed sticky side of the seam tape. Press down and slowly remove rest of PE film paper. Cut off end sections with a sharp knife. Repeat process for all sections that need joining. Warning: Do not allow sand or debris to come into contact with the sticky side of the tape, as this will reduce the lifespan of the tape and result in grass sections coming loose after some months. If applied correctly, the tape will hold the grass sections together for 6 years or longer.


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