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·         Upper Zone Temp range: 2?C - 12?C

·         Lower Zone Temp range: 12?C - 20?C

·         Tempered glass

·         Adjustable beech wood sliding shelves

·         Reverse door swing

·         Internal LED light

·         Compressor cooled

·         Adjustable sliding shelves

·         Digital touch control

·         Automatic control panel lock

·         Auto defrost

·         Low vibration

·         Circulating fan, cooling both upper and lower zones (auto air fan function)

·         Front louver design for discharging

·         Wine chillers have low vibration compressors to reduce disturbance of the sediment in the wine, which can affect the natural aging process

·         Wine chillers maintain the humidity between 50 – 80% whereas refrigerators are designed to remove humidity from the environment. Low humidity will dry out the corks and affect the aging process

·         They have more accurate temperature controls. Temperature stability is one of the primary factors that help preserve and age the wine. General household refrigerators tend to have larger temperature fluctuations

·         Circulating fan balances the storage temperature

·         They have auto defrosted functions to maintain interior temperature and prevent frosting

·         Our units also come as front discharging, which allows them to be built in. If heat is not dispensed efficiently, it may cause the unit to overheat

·         Low LED lighting is used in wine chillers as opposed to florescent lights which can break down and destroy the wine flavour



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