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Applications: Commercial or Domestic Use

Available in a gorgeous deep-black glass finish, the Snomaster 98L Under Counter Beverage Cooler is a stylish wine and beverage cooler that you can install in your kitchen or mini-bar for easy access to your favourite beer, sodas, health drinks; or cocktail mixes for party guests. And because it comes with a tempered glass door, it’s convenient for displaying your prized wine collection too.

Chill In Style No Matter the Heat

With its sleek, deep black coating and internal light display, this stylish beer cooler and drinks fridge will not only provide a great contrast for your home decor it will also allow you to showcase your wine, beer, or cooldrinks. Climate class N rating means that your drinks always stay chilled (2°C to 10°C).

Large Capacity

The Snomaster 98L under counter beverage is powered by a compressor system designed to chill heavier loads, making it ideal for both home and commercial use. Adjustable shelves, make it easy to store a variety of wine and beverage cans in the manner that suits you best.

Protection Inside Out

The Snomaster under counter beverage cooler’s tempered glass cover not only protects the device from unfortunate accidents, but it also provides extra insulation for more efficient cooling as well as UV light protection. It also features a handy locking mechanism to keep other people from poking around your fridge when you’re not looking.


Adjustable Shelves, Compressor Cooled, Internal Display Light, Lockable, Tempered Glass

Specifications Dimensions (mm)

Unit: (H) 840 x (W) 470 x (D) 475

Packaged: (H) 855 x (W) 915 x (D) 520

Storage Volume: 98 L

Temp Range: 2?C to 10?

Climate Class: N

Protection Class: I

Voltage: 220 – 240V/50Hz

Total Input Power: 130W

Rated Current: 0.5A

Refrigerant: R600a/17g

Foaming Agent: Cyclopentane

Lamps Power: 1W

NOTE: Make sure that these under-counter units have enough room to “breathe” i.e. ventilation. Stifling can cause the unit to malfunction or sweat.


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