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The Cold Factor 65l Low Profile camping fridge/freezers are for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Whether you are a hardcore 4x4 enthusiast, A family who prefers camping and adventure, these portable freezers will be your outdoor buddy with a 3-year warranty for peace of mind.

·         Physical dimensions:495mm(h)x655mm(w)x650mm(d)

·         Weight:32kg

·         Finish: Stainless-steel

·         Power consumption:24h gas-400g (approx.) Elec- 0,13Kwh

·         Energy source: LP Gas, 220 Volt, 12 Volt

·         Performance: -16?C @ +35?C

·         Electric Thermostat 

·         Ignitor

·         Gas Safety Valve

·         Metal Lock & Catch

·         Metal Hinges

·         Gas Hose & Regulator

·         3-Years Warranty (SA Only)

·         Approved by The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association of SA

        65L se interne dimentions is : 330mm(H) x 355mm(w) x 495mm (D)



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