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·        This boat is made with TRITECH Material a 3-ply reinforced material with a polyester mesh-core encased in two layers of laminated PVC that offers superior strength and durability.

·        Dimensions: 2.80m x 1.52m x 42cm

·        Capacity: 3 Adults 1 Child

·        Maximum Weight: 480kg

·        This premium marine grade material can withstand the most extreme nautical conditions including exposure to petroleum products and ultraviolet rays.

·        Included with the boat are safety grab ropes, Omni-Directional Oarlocks, Moulded Motor Mount (MOTOR NOT INCLUDED) and carrying handles.

·        The flooring is Marine grade aluminium alloy floorboards that are easy to assemble

 (No tools needed)

·        Integrated Drain Valve

·        4 air chamber construction with High pressure inflatable keel

·        (The Boat is Compatible with up to a 10HP (7.5KW Motor) -MOTOR NOT INCLUDED

·        Water resistant Keel

·        Factory Warranty - 12 months Manufacturer's warranty

  • You can keep your boat clean using diluted washing up liquid as this is non-abrasive.  Please ensure the boat is thoroughly clean and dry before storing away.
  • Please ensure the pressure gauge is used when inflating the boat to ensure you do not over inflate.
  • Do not drag the boat when moving, abrasive surfaces can cause damage to the boat.
  • Boat Classification: Category D



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