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A high-pressure inflatable base combined with rigid floorboards offer better control than a flat floor model, making it more directionally stable under power and enables it to row more precisely. The 4-chamber construction with low profile valve and extended tail tubes give this Mirovia Pro model better buoyancy and stability with or without an outboard on the back. Constructed of heavy grade PVC, the Mirovia Pro has superior strength and can survive extreme nautical conditions. The extra-tough strake acts as a shock absorber if the boat comes into contact with rocks or other hazards, protecting it from impact and friction damage. This boat has all you need for making great memories for a day on the lake.


·         Superior-strength, high-density, sunlight resistant, terylene supported PVC

·         Marine-grade aluminium alloy floorboards and plywood transom

·         Quick inflation/deflation air valves

·         Easy to assemble floorboards and bench seats – no tools needed

·         10 m towrope and metal steel tow ring

·         1.62 m aluminium oars that can be taken apart for convenient storage and transport

·         37 cm Air Hammer™ inflation pump

·         3 air chambers in inflatable ring with 1 additional chamber on the bottom of the boat

·         Durable carry bag

·         Fixed buckle for oil box 

·         One pressure gauge

·         Repair kit (Glue not included)

·         Passengers: 4 adults + 1 child

·         Weight Capacity: 640kg

·         Maximum Power: 11.2kw

·         Dimensions: H 44 x W 162 x D 330 cm

·         12 months Manufacturer's warranty


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