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Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is relatively easy for anyone to do and with some awesome boards to choose from at Bestway®, now is the perfect time to give it a whirl. The convenience of the inflatable Hydro Force™ 10' Huaka'i Tech SUP will rock your world! This board is the perfect size for one adult, and it can hold up to 287 lbs (140 kg). Due to the wider construction, pets can also use this board! Once you are ready to use your board, simply inflate it with the included hand pump, and you are set for a remarkable day on the water! The convenient handle allows you to easily carry the SUP to the water. Plus, the elastic cord on the top is the perfect place to store extra items. The Huaka'i has 3 fixed fins, allowing for directional stability as you manoeuvre the open water. This board is constructed with drop stitch material, which makes the SUP extremely rigid and durable while keeping it lightweight. And when you are done with the SUP, the air valve allows you to quickly deflate the board in no time.
•10' x 33"" x 6"" (3.05 cm x 84 cm x 15 cm)
•Weight capacity: (140 kg)
•Non-slip traction pad
•Multiple convenient handles to easily carry the SUP, along with an elastic cord on top for extra storage
•Contents: 1 paddle board, 1 hand pump, 1 deluxe backpack, 1 surf leash, 1 repair kit

·         Factory Warranty - 12 months Manufacturer's warranty

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