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Snomaster 250Kg Plumbed-In Commercial Ice Maker produces up to 250Kg of Square Block Ice per day

Ideal for small restaurants, pubs and domestic use.


  • 240 cubes per cycle (25min)
  • Ice Full Sensor
  • Square Ice

Specifications: Dimensions (mm)

Unit: (H) 1495 (W) 760 (D) 865. Storage Bin: (H) 870 (W) 960 (D) 850. Storage Volume: 160Kg

Ice Making Capacity 250Kg/24hr. Net Weight: 75Kg + 60Kg. Climate Class: ST. Protection Class: I

Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz. Total Input Power: 1200W. Rated Current: 7.5A. Refrigerant: R404a/450g


These units have a gravity-fed drain point, thus drain point must be lower than the machine.

Keep the unit well ventilated. We strongly recommend that a certified plumber installs this unit.

Ensure that unit is installed in a well-ventilated environment. A maximum ambient temperature of 38?C.

Clean the condenser filter regularly.


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