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Ideal for small restaurants, pubs and domestic use, the 150kg Plumbed-In Commercial Ice Maker produces up to 150kg of square block ice per day.

Application: Commercial Use

The Ideal Ice Maker for Busy Venues

The 150kg Plumbed-In Ice Maker is ideal for busy venues who demand consistent ice production and storage.

High-Volume Efficiency

Powered by SnoMaster’ high-performance compressor system, this plumbed in ice machine efficiently and reliably produces up to 150Kg of bullet ice per day and offers a storage volume of up to 160Kgs.

The Snomaster Pedigree

The Snomaster pedigree of quality and reliability makes our range of commercial ice makers the ideal option for any hospitality business requiring dependable, low maintenance, high-volume ice production.


  • 180 cubes per cycle (25min)
  • Ice Full Sensor
  • Square Ice

 Specifications: Dimensions (mm)

Unit: (H) 1495 (W) 760 (D) 865. Storage Bin: (H) 870 (W) 960 (D) 850. Storage Volume: 160Kg

Ice Making Capacity 147Kg/24h. Net Weight: 60Kg + 60Kg. Climate Class: ST. Protection Class: I

Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz. Total Input Power: 900w. Rated Current: 6.5A. Refrigerant: R404a/450g


NOTE: We recommend a certified plumber installs this unit.


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