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Size: 760 W x 610 D x 560 H
Watts: 900
Capacity: 150kg per 24 hours
Ice cubes per cycle: 180
Approx. 25 min per cycle
Ice Cube size: Approx. 22mmx22mm
Applications: Larger pubs, restaurants, B&B’s, hotels, etc

·         Stainless Steel

·         Refrigerant: R404

·         Climate Class: ST Type

·         Capacity at 10-degree water, 20 degree Ambient

·         Air filter for condenser

·         Compressor type: Copeland

·         120kg storage bin

·         220volt

·         Ice full sensor

·         Square block ice

  • Condenser filter improves the efficiency of the unit
  • 120 KG storage bin included in unit Price
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